By: Lisa Schmidt

Does the daily grind have you feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Here are five things you can do today that will lift your spirits and infuse your life with a little happiness!

  1. Let Go. Release worry and stop trying to control what you cannot change.  The past is gone and there is nothing you can do to change what happened yesterday.  The future is not here yet, and spending time worrying about the bill that is due next week, does not magically make your money grow.  In fact, it may have the opposite affect if you get caught up in an avalanche of negative thoughts.  Worry also steals your ability to enjoy the beautiful moments that surround you today.
  2. Play/Create.  Many suggest goal setting to achieve a feeling of accomplishment.  Why not revel in the sheer delight of playful activities that make you feel great?  If you love to play music, or paint, or write poetry – create something wonderfully fulfilling for yourself.  Not into creating something?  Just swing on a swing for 15 minutes, or watch the birds in your back yard.  Who says you need to be productive all the time? 
  3. Meditate.  Steal 15 minutes of solitude, even if you have to do it right before you fall asleep.  Empty your mind and allow any intrusive thoughts to float in and float out.  Dive deep into your consciousness and envelope yourself in the serenity that lies at the core of who you are.  Remember what brings a lift to your spirit.  Happiness is an internal perspective that wells up even in difficult times if you return to the center of your soul.  Listen to the inner voice that whispers to you in the silence.
  4. Give.  Share what you have with someone, even if you have little to give.  Giving an additional $5.00 at a drive up window for the car behind you can really make someone’s day – including your own.  A kind word of encouragement can be priceless in the right moment and it takes nothing away from your resources, but builds you up as you build up others. 
  5. Gratitude.  Happiness is wanting everything you have.  Take a daily inventory of what you have that you would be sad to lose.  A shift in perspective can work miracles when you open your eyes to all that you take for granted.  Cherish the little things and happiness will flood into your world abundantly.