Finding Your Calling At Any Life Stage

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Modern life tends to take over until it builds its own momentum. Childhood dreams of artistry, adventure, and spontaneity get overtaken by demanding jobs, mortgages, and increasing family demands. We start to not live life but let it control us.

However, our talents and dreams are relentless. Even if we attempt to bury them in adult responsibilities, something often occurs that makes pursuing these gifts a priority. At that point, the demanding job and financial concerns give way to more quality of life.

Playwright Calvin Alexander Ramsey, Sr. was 51 years old when airplanes hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 200. At the time, he worked selling insurance after pursuing a writing career in his younger days, one he had completely set asdie. But the events of that day unsettled him and his thoughts turned from making a living to making dreams come true.

Fourteen years later, Mr. Ramsey has two children’s books and one play for sale on After his plays were performed all over the nation, he moved to New York to pursue developing a Broadway-level presentation. At the time he made that move, he was the same age that most people assume they will retire. 

Adelaide Anne Proctor and Calvin Alexander Ramsey remind us of a solid truth. We may suppress our own nature for what we consider a greater good but it always returns. Age, geography, and other earthly barriers will not be enough to stop it. Whether you are younger and hope to pursue your dreams or retired and wish to chase them now, take heart. You were always meant to follow that calling in the first place, no matter what distractions presented to you earlier. 

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