Self-care has received lots of buzz these past few years, and for good reason! We can now acknowledge that taking care of ourselves is essential to health and personal wellbeing, not selfish or indulgent.

However, some people have a harder time with self-care, especially if they’re in the midst of a crisis or struggling emotionally.

Aptly named, this website is specially designed to guide you through self-care during tough moments. Designed by Amanda Miklik and Jace Harr, the website is broken down into a series of questions that gauge your current state. These include basics like “Have you eaten in the past four hours?” and “Do you feel anxious, nervous, keyed-up, paranoid, scared, or on edge?” Each question is followed by appropriate actions or steps for you to take, which vary according to your current state. For example, if you answer that you’re anxious but you don’t know why, you’ll be offered a list of grounding exercises. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for your mental state.

Going through the steps, you’ll find the site’s tone is nonjudgmental and compassionate. There’s no language about what you “should” do and no hard rules about what forms of care are right or wrong. For example, when offering food suggestions, the website assures that it’s okay to eat what you want, as long as you trust your body and are mindful of what you’re eating.

You Feel Like Shit might seem basic for those already in tune with their needs and bodies. But even the most self-aware individuals sometimes fail to check in during times of stress. The website considers factors like hydration, environment, and whether or not you need a break, essentials that can easily slip from your radar.

Though You Feel Like Shit warns that it’s not a replacement for medication or healthcare, it may be especially helpful for those who experience depression or mood disorders.

So try it out for yourself! The next time you’re feeling stressed, tired, or just plain icky and you don’t know why, follow the website’s simple but fundamental steps.

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