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One of the best things about meditation is how easy it is to do. No special clothes or tools needed! But that doesn’t mean special tools aren’t allowed. Incorporating essential oils with your practice might help you enjoy a deeper sense of peace that is triggered each time you smell your chosen scent.

Buying Essential Oil

“Essential oil” refers to the concentrated volatile oils that are produced when plant matter is distilled. Pure essential oils should be labeled as exactly that. Some products are made from synthetic scents so it’s important to read the label carefully, and buy from dependable vendors.

Pure essential oils can be expensive, but it takes only a few drops to enjoy their benefits, depending on your application method. To lower costs, some producers dilute the more exotic oils with a carrier oil such as jojoba. This results in a perfectly acceptable product for non-therapeutic use; however, it should be noted that while essential oils have an almost endless shelf life, carrier oils can spoil in time.

Choosing a Scent

The practice of aromatherapy is partly based on the theory that certain scents can help us naturally align with certain energies. For instance, sandalwood is thought to help us reach spiritual enlightenment. The most important point when choosing a meditation oil is to select one you love. Lavender is supposed to promote peace, but if it reminds you of unhappy childhood memories then it probably won’t make you feel peaceful.

Using Essential Oils

Inhalation is the most practical method for use during meditation. Some oils can be applied directly to the skin and enjoyed like perfume, but some can be irritating. Unless you know which oils are safe for direct application, using a water diffuser may be the best idea. Simply add approximately 10 drops of oils to ¼ cup of water in the top of the diffuser and light a tea candle underneath. The warmth of the flame will gently release the oil’s fragrance into your meditation space while focus on being in the moment.

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