The way out is through the door… why is it no one will use this method? – Confucius


Recently we shared an image of an open doorway set into a brick wall, and we asked for your interpretations of what doors and walls signify in our lives. Your responses were immensely thought provoking, and while we couldn’t come close to posting all 500+ comments here, we’d like to share some of the most memorable reflections:

  • An open mind travels beyond brick walls and closed doors. Freedom is always available if we see beyond the obstacles.
  • It’s an illusion created by fear… Push past your fear and walk through that open door.
  • Walk through. Don’t be afraid. Things hardly ever are what they seem…
  • Over, Under, Around or Through, there’s always a path waiting for you.
  • Perception is one’s reality. Walk through the door and choose to turn right or left.
  • Only the closed mind will open a door and be met with obstacles. Open your mind and you will see that walls are just an illusion.
  • The bricks are just an illusion, do no be afraid to will them to dust.
  • When you find yourself blocked in be at peace…. and another door will open.
  • All kinds of doors can open for you, but if you aren’t prepared to go through, you’ll still be stuck in the same place you have been.
  • The brick wall may be real. Or quite possibly it is a figment of our imagination brought on by fears and insecurities. Look deeply within… and then take the first step to walk straight through the brick wall.
  • Breathe and remember there has to be an open window somewhere. There may also be something in the room you need and have overlooked.
  • When I thought everything was blocked and there was no way through I realized that there was a room full of opportunities for me and I was where I was supposed to be.
  • The ego lays bricks when the self shows you doors. Dissect your ego, dissect your walls…
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by your first thought, be enlightened by your last one.
  • Quit opening doors, looking for the right way. You have already found it.
  • Go ahead… It’s open… It will lead you somewhere… Where? That’s the mystery of life… Have faith that all will be okay in the end.

Sometimes the turn of a doorknob can be the beginning of a new existence. What do you think? If you missed this posting the first time around, feel free to leave your words of wisdom below now. We’d love to read.