Deepak Chopra on the Purpose of Yoga

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When trying to live each day with intention, being productive feels awesome. Take yoga, for example. We assemble all the gear, we read and watch videos for inspiration, and then we commit our minds and bodies to the practice, and we start to feel great about life.

However, in yoga, or any area of life that we spend ourselves in fully, it can be a good idea to slow down for a moment occasionally and ask ourselves, why are we doing what we do? What is the purpose or intention behind our actions?

Here’s a mind-opening thought from alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra on the true purpose of yoga, as being something deeper than exercise:

The true purpose of yoga is to discover that aspect of your being that can never be lost.

Your job may change, your relationships may change, your body may change, your beliefs may change, your desires may change, your ideas about your role in the world may change, but the essence of who you are is the continuity of awareness that has no beginning or end.

Your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, goals, and experiences may come and go, but the one who having the experiences — the experiencer — remains.

      Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Action is a positive thing – motion creates emotion, so in living a full life it is almost always beneficial to keep your wheels spinning. But every once in a while, maybe on a quieter-than-normal afternoon or a sleepy evening after yoga class, it may be helpful to your long term practice to take stock of the reasons behind your commitment to the craft.


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