Deep Inspiration in ‘Gravity’

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Sometimes a movie becomes something more than entertainment.Deep concepts in the film ‘Gravity’ take us far beyond earthly expectations,illuminating universal themes that exist in our own lives. Here are three ways this compelling space journey mayinspire you to live with more passion and urgency everyday. No spoilers here,just general observations:

1. Deep HumanConnections

After an initial emergency, a long tether cord keeps twocharacters from drifting apart. This life-preserving link symbolizes theimportance of the human connections in our lives. The voices we hear and thehands we touch everyday are the very things that can return us to normalitywhen we get lost.

2. Universal Beautyand Wonder

Despite high-orbit dangers within ‘Gravity,’ each characterexperiences moments of true astonishment at the beauty of our planet, seen fromabove. There is always beauty to be found in our lives, although sometimes hiddenbeneath other demands and distractions. We have to create time each day to beamazed at the miracle of our existence here on this earth.

3. Encouraging Trustand Belief

The characters’ struggle for survival mirrors our ownstruggle to feel significant in face of an overwhelmingly large universe.However there are many signs throughout the film, and in our own lives, that wemay be part of a greater system that we cannot fully understand. In tenseenvironments, a single moment of silence can help us return to a place ofpeace and remember to trust in the journey before us.

‘Gravity’ is not always peaceful movie. There is danger andtragedy, just like in other aspects of the human experience. Yet there is persistenthope for renewal and redemption, themes that never dissipate, no matter howdire the circumstances. The imagery and storytelling in ‘Gravity’ not onlyentertain, but also instill new appreciation of the days we have here, beforeus, and encourage us to live those days to the fullest.
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About the writer: Mike McCormick is a subway-surfing writerfrom New York City with a passion for history, literature, and philosophy. Whenhe isn’t writing for the web, you can find him typing novels into his smart phoneduring rush hour.


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