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Energy flows around you a number of ways. It surrounds you like waves in a lake as radio waves, microwaves, and sunlight. You’re normally not aware of them nor do you feel their effect. Another way that energy flows to you is through cords attached to you by other people. You don’t notice these any more than the light from the sun. But the energy from those cords can affect your emotional and physical health. Knowing how to identify the “unhealthy” energy from some of those cords and clear them from your body is a way to prevent them from having any negative impact on you.

Where Cords Come From

Cords are created by people in your life who have a personal investment in your energy. For example, your parents, brothers and sisters, significant others, friends, co-workers create cords to you. And you create cords back to those people. It’s not a conscious action. The energy does this as a way to expedite its movement between people.

For example, if you have no cords attached to a person and send out the thought, “I hope they are doing well” that wish goes out into the either to mix with all of the other free-floating energy waves out there. That person may or may not pick up on your thought.

When you establish a cord with a person, the energy can get to them directly. This is the reason you may think of a person and they call you in a few minutes. The cord allows instantaneous communication of energy between people.

Cord Cutting to Remove Unhealthy Energy From Your Life

  1. Sit in a quiet place where you can meditate for a few moments.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out as you relax.
  3. Now let your awareness wander all over your body while thinking to yourself, “I’m looking for the specific energy cord connecting my ex to myself.”
  4. In your mind, you’ll see small blurry patches on your body that represent the cords of others connected to you.
  5. Now begin to focus on the thought, “I demand that the particular cord linking me to my ex make itself known to me now.”
  6. You’ll notice one blurry spot take on a more defined shape, different color or some other feature that makes it stand out.
  7. Wipe your hand across that spot as if removing a bug crawling on your arm while thinking: “This cord once served a positive purpose in my relationship with this person. It now brings me negative feelings and dis-ease. With this motion of my hand, I cut this cord and remove it from me forever.”
  8. Observe the cord shrivel up, fade away or suddenly disappear.
  9. Take a few moments to rest after any cord cutting to allow your body to integrate the fact that it no longer has that energy source connected with it.

In simple terms, this may feel like getting a “closure”. By attaching a mindful ritual to the process you may start to experience some relief immediately.

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