There was once a turtle who lived in the woods. One day he overheard two hunters discussing how they were going to catch turtles the very next day. The turtle ran to his friends, the cranes, for help.

“Oh beautiful birds,” the turtle said. “You must help me to escape the forest tomorrow. If you each hold the end of a stick in your beak, then I will bite the middle, and you can lift me safely away.”

“Alright,” said the cranes. “But you’d better bite down extra tight so we don’t lose you. You mustn’t speak a word!”

“Don’t worry,” said the turtle “I won’t”

The next morning the turtle bit down on a long stick and the cranes carried him together, soaring high above the trees. Then, a group of people shouted out down below.

“Look at those clever birds! They managed to carry a turtle!”

The proud, talkative turtle opened his mouth.

“It was my idea,” he shouted, and he tumbled down to earth.

Reflection – bragging can do you harm, so keep that trap snapped!