Clearing Old Energy From a New Home Before You Move In

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People influence the various energies found in physical structures. The longer people live in a building, the more the energies within conform to those people. You may not notice these energies when looking for a new house. But once you move in, you may begin to sense the presence of them by the different feelings you experience when going from room to room. Here is why those energies are there and what you can do to clear the space and begin creating your own personal energy abode.

Two Forms of Energy Watch Over You in Your Home

Energetic entities become attached to a physical structure. They fulfill the role of watcher over the building itself. They will stay with the building when people move in and out. They may have been initially placed there by the desire of the architect or builder to safeguard the structure. They may also have arrived with the first family to live in the structure and chose to stay when they left.

Energies also travel with the families that move into a building. They are concerned with the well being of the family and not so much the physical building. They most often move along when a family moves out. The exception is when a traumatic event occurs to the family and the entity chooses to stay with the building.

These energies are there for your benefit and rarely pose a problem. But they are attuned to the previous family and, until they align with you or move on, spaces in the house may feel uncomfortable or not entirely yours.

Adjusting the Energy in a House

As soon as you can after moving into a new home, address the energies residing in it so you and your family will connect with the energy in good ways. This is referred to as a “house clearing”, but may not involve clearing out energies at all. It’s your way of introducing yourself to the energies in the house and giving them the choice to stay or leave.

To do a house clearing, you’ll need a candle and some incense or white sage. You also need something to make noise, such as a drum, rattle or bells. Once you get your supplies together, pick a time when you will be the only one in the house.

The Clearing Process

You’ll do this process in each room of the house. Your intuition will help you decide how much time you need to spend in each room to make the adjustment.

  1. Light the candle and place it in the center of the room. This represents the positive white light that you and your family bring to the house.
  2. Light the incense or sage and walk around the room with it while saying “With this smoke, all traces of the previous family’s energy will move out of this room.”
  3. Stand by the candle and beat the drum, shake the rattle or ring the bells for a few seconds while saying “I call on the energies currently residing in this room.”
  4. Be silent for a few seconds and tune into any responses you get. It could be a slight breeze on your face, a creaking of a part of the room or just the feeling that you have the attention of the inhabitants of the room.
  5. Introduce yourself and your family. Let them know that you are happy to be the new owners of the home and that your intention is to take care of the house as best you can.
  6. Next, say to the room, “While we are happy to have you stay and be a part of this building and family, if there are any energies that wish to move on, please feel free to do so now.”
  7. You will likely get some response from those that do wish to move out. Give them a few minutes to respond.
  8. Finish your work in the room by saying, “I am happy that the rest of you have chosen to stay with us. We look forward to a long and positive experience with you while we live here.”
  9. With that, you can move to the next room.

Perform this ceremony in each room and you and your family will be aligned with the energy in the house. You’ll then begin to feel like this is your home and a place in which you’ll be comfortable for a long time.

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