5 Tips to Consider when Using Yoga and Physiotherapy for Joint Pain treatment

Physiotherapy and yoga can help with joint pain.  Here are a few tips to truly get the most out of yoga or physiotherapy for joint pain treatment.

How Yoga Benefits People to Get Out of Depression

This article provides information about Yoga & Meditation practices one can implement in their daily life and take a successful U-turn out of depression.

How to Use Meditation and Yoga to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

There are many causes behind insomnia, including stress, mental health, and physical health. Meditation and yoga practice can be a solution.

5 Reasons to Combine a Yoga Retreat with a Digital Detox

A yoga retreat could be an entirely healing experience, and here’s why you should couple it with a complete digital detox.

Yoga For Inner Peace: 8 Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

We all must have found ourselves in a situation where we feel that our responsibilities are endless, and deadlines are approaching fast. Most of...

Ready to take up SUP Yoga?

SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding) yoga combines the focus, full-body engagement and inner peace inherent in yoga with the fresh air and natural connection experienced on...

Yoga Healing Quotes – 9 Ways Yoga Helps Mind, Body and Spirit

On the surface, yoga is a system of physical movements designed to improve flexibility and balance. But through practice we discover that yoga goes...

Ego, Self Doubt and Pride

You may have heard the saying when you enter a yoga class, you should leave your ego at the door. It may sound like...

Yoga and Perception

The senses play an important part of our yoga practice. We use sight and touch as we perform yoga poses. We use hearing to...

Yoga and Ayurveda for Holistic Health

The mention of yoga brings to mind a set of physicalexercises with a flavor of India. However, yoga can be much more than a regular...
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