Amazing Benefits of Having a Good Posture

One of the most eyeball inducing demands of a parent is “Sit up straight.” As kids, we simply don’t want to sit that way....

3 Most Healthy Liquids You Should Drink

The top three beverages apart from water are discussed with their benefits. Find out what you should be having when it isn’t water that you want.

10 Ways To Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

If you don’t have time to relax, these ten-minute-or-less tips can help you move a bit closer towards mental and physical relaxation.

10 Ways to Turn Around Bad Days

When stressed, it becomes essential to renew your inner optimism. Here are 10 ways to de-stress naturally and turn your day around!

How Music Therapy can Naturally Relieve Anxiety and Treat Depression

Music Therapy means healing with the use of music to cater to the physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and social needs of a person. v

Top 7 VR Fitness Games for a Total Body Workout

If you have considered working out as a daunting task for many years, try these VR Fitness Games. Grab a towel and a bottle of water and jump right in!

7 Healthy Reasons to Have a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has long been a staple when it comes to healthy diet and detoxifying. Here are 7 healthy reasons why you should drink green tea daily.

Make A Healing Bath With Essential Oils

Want to make your bath session extra therapeutic? Look no further than essential oils! Here are essential oils for an ultra-relaxing sweet-smelling scrub.

The Tenets of Wellness: Encouragement For Your Journey

Wellness means different things to different people. Here are a few basic wellness tenets to encourage you on your journey. 
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Lessons From The Night

No matter where you live, each of us has to contend with the night. All the electricity in the world won’t change the fact...

Inspirations From Dandelions

We can't think of a few plants as famous as the dandelion. Who as a child didn’t blow on its soft puffball and watch...
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