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How To Keep Your Brain Sharp At Any Age

As people get older, their brain functions start to slowly fade away, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone having difficulty to remember simple...

If You Go Jogging, You Might Want To Try Plogging

Want to be good to your body and to the earth? This new running trend, plogging, helps you do both. It combines everyday exercise with picking up litter.

Essential Oils for Headaches

Essential oils are a great option for treating headaches naturally. Check out the most common essential oils recommended for relieving head pain.

Ready to take up SUP Yoga?

SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding) yoga combines the focus, full-body engagement and inner peace inherent in yoga with the fresh air and natural connection experienced on...

DIY 2 Ingredient Face Scrub

The market is bursting with all-natural skincare products. But what could be more natural than using simple foods right from your kitchen? This DIY...

3 Ways to Create Mental Balance

 Think of your mind as a bowl of water. Now ask yourself, is the bowl steady? Or can you picture water sloshing around? This Zen...

7 Health and Wellness Proverbs

No matter where we live, we all want to enjoy happiness and health in daily life. Check out this short list of proverbs about...

6 Ways to Be Healthy Like a Tree

 Trees remind us of our roots in more ways than one. Not only are they some of the longest-living things on the planet, but...

3 Simple Ways To Start Working With Energy

Energy is all around us, influencing our moods, vitality, and our overall sense of wellbeing. When we feel stuck, discouraged, or just “meh”, we...
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Lessons From The Night

No matter where you live, each of us has to contend with the night. All the electricity in the world won’t change the fact...

Inspirations From Dandelions

We can't think of a few plants as famous as the dandelion. Who as a child didn’t blow on its soft puffball and watch...
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