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Why Do We Shake Hands?

By the time you’re an adult, extending a hand may practically feel second nature. Where did this simple but fundamental gesture come from?

Why Do We Say “Okay”?

We say it all day, every day. It’s an affirmation, a form of agreement, and a way to express how we’re feeling. But where did this word come from?

Easy Ways to Cut Back On Plastic

Has the recent straw ban motivated you to be more eco-savvy? Here are eight easy ways to cut back on plastic in your life.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a Must-See Tearjerker About Mr. Rogers

A newly released documentary puts our beloved neighbor, Fred Rogers, back into the limelight.

Ready to take up SUP Yoga?

SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding) yoga combines the focus, full-body engagement and inner peace inherent in yoga with the fresh air and natural connection experienced on...

How to See Life As One Big Zen Garden

Zen gardens are filled with rocks, sand and trees. So how dothey relate to our personal journeys? You might be surprised at the modernsymbolism...

Wanderlust: Quotes for The Traveler

No matter where you’re headed, travel is always good for the mind and soul. When we travel, our horizons grow a little bit bigger...

6 Beautiful Quotes On Creativity, Life and Purpose

Art can be a great pathway for the creative part of the mind. Expression helps the self emerge fully, drawing outwards what is beautiful...

Mandala, Symbol of Wholeness

Introduction to MandalasA mandala is a geometric pattern present throughout our universe – from the concentric crystals of a snowflake, to the patterned grid...

How The Process of Making Art Can Transform You

Andy Goldsworthy, one of the world’s most famous contemporary artists, works in collaboration with the earth’s natural elements to create magnificent works of art,...
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