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5 Practical Ways to Boost Happiness Everyday

Sometimes when life gets busy, we need a reminder to pay attention to our happiness. Here are a few ways to restore and replenish our natural joy every day.

What Otters Can Teach Us

Who can resist the adorableness of otters? With their curious little faces and endless energy, otters are some of the most entertaining creatures you’ll...

10 Quotes on Determination

Rediscover your determination - here are 10 quotes to help you ignite the spark and give you an extra boost of motivation.

Myths About Creativity

There are lots of facts we get wrong about creativity. Read on to learn the most common misconceptions when it comes to being creative.

What is Respect?

Respect means different things to different people. For some, respect is reserved for authority: it’s how we show honor to those in charge. For...

Taking Time To Nurture Yourself

In our hectic world, it is normal to get wrapped up in the demands of careers, parenting and checking things off the eternal to-do...

6 Excellent Quotes About Taking Risks In Life

Change can be big, scary, and overwhelming… but the same goes for routine. When we do the same things long enough, passion goes out...

Surprising Discoveries About Self Control

Many of us yearn for more self-control, whether it’s the restraint needed to resist sweets or the willpower required to finish a project. Either...

How To Make The Most of Your Journey

Life is a gift. So how should we spend it? It’s a question that humans have been trying to answer since, well, forever. Each of...

10 Eco-Friendly Adjustments That Are Just Too Easy

For all the ways we try to show compassion in our daily lives, we might ask how we can include mother earth in our...
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