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Make Mornings Matter – 7 Ways to Begin the Day in Mindfulness

The morning is the first word in the chapter, the first step on the path, the first breath of new air. What we do at...

Reflections on Autumn: 5 Lessons from the Fall Season

The season of autumn ushers in a feast for the senses, with beautiful scenery, rich scents and changing weather patterns. This time of year...

10 Celebrities Who Had Breast Cancer and How They Coped

Breast cancer affects any woman regardless of age and social status. Even the most popular names in Hollywood have been diagnosed with the disease.

Inspire Your Inner Dreamer – 6 Powerful Quotes About Possibility

Here are a few door-opening quotes about opportunity, potential, and possibility to inspire your inner dreamer and do-er.

Wear Your Lab Coat: Dress To Change Your Mindset

While a change in clothes won’t magically transform your life, it can transform you in other ways.

Believing in Ourselves – 5 Helpful Thoughts

Our grandest blueprint for the future means little unless we believe in our ability to carry out our design. Here are 5 inspiring quotes.

3 Life Lessons From A Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are pretty amazing creatures. Here are some lessons we can learn from an animal that has thrived for such a long time.

Lessons from an Elevator Ride

Believe it or not, elevators are pretty good metaphors for life. Read on to learn these surprising but relevant lessons from riding in an elevator.

Why Do We Say “Okay”?

We say it all day, every day. It’s an affirmation, a form of agreement, and a way to express how we’re feeling. But where did this word come from?

10 Quotes to Inspire Faith in Yourself

Here are some inspiring words, from great people who have learned to not let their past dictate who they can become and to inspire faith in yourself.
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