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5 Simple Ways to Inspire Others

We can never know how deeply our actions in life affect others. Here are some small yet powerful ways to be a source of light for all who encounter you.

Wisdom from the Owl

The owl is known for its nocturnal nature and sharp senses. It's also admired for its beauty, uniqueness and grace. Here are 5 lessons from the owl.

Quotes on the Importance of Believing in Yourself

It is easy to assume that our circumstances are responsible for our success and happiness and that we are mere pawns in the game...

Wisdom from the Penguin

Penguins are delightful creatures that thrive in frigid temperatures. Consider these five gems of wisdom from the penguin.

7 Essential Reasons to Show Compassion Everyday

More than a word describing the general spirit of love, compassion can be a hands-on philosophy – one with plenty of good reasons to live it fully each day:

How Gratitude Can Improve the Quality of Our Thoughts and Our Lives

Practicing gratitude can improve mental wellbeing as much as diet, exercise and good sleeping habits. Here are some examples of this principle in action.

Never Give Up – 5 Quotes on Tenacity to Push you Further

Without determination and the ability to commit to the task with hard work when passion is quiet, most brilliant ideas would lay dormant and forgotten.

The Perfect Time is Now

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this applies to the pursuit of dreams too. You have to start with a single step.

6 Tips for Staying Creative, Motivated and Inspired

Here are six tips for staying creative, motivated and inspired on a more consistent basis.

Inspirational Story: Choosing the Wolf to Feed

A Native American story that gives us an important lesson about life and recognizing that we are made of a balance of energies.
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