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Why Do We Shake Hands?

By the time you’re an adult, extending a hand may practically feel second nature. Where did this simple but fundamental gesture come from?

3 Apps That Make Charitable Giving Easy

Use your smart phone for good! Check out these smart phone apps, which seamlessly blend charitable giving into your regular life.

36 Questions To Fall In Love

Can you create intimacy on the spot? Try it with these 36 scientifically backed questions designed to foster closeness through mutual vulnerability.

8 Simple Reasons To Laugh Every Day

Laughter is one of the best ways to live in the present moment. Here are eight reasons why laughter belongs in every single day.

7 Important Reasons To Help Others

Life is short – so make it count! Get inspired, go beyond your comfort zone, and give your time and energy to something larger than yourself.

How Can Traveling Inspire a Massive Life Change?

Here are some ways traveling can inspire you or even lead to a massive life change.

3 Tips on Mindful Living

It’s hard to become a mindfulness guru overnight. But there are ways you can practice awareness and begin moving towards a more balanced life starting today

4 Thoughts to Make Life Adventurous

Every day doesn’t have to be a treasure hunt – but why not choose to view the world a bit more adventurously, and find out what happens?

Easy Ways to Cut Back On Plastic

Has the recent straw ban motivated you to be more eco-savvy? Here are eight easy ways to cut back on plastic in your life.

3 Charitable Ways to Give That Don’t Involve Cash

Want to give but on a budget or unable to make monetary donations? Check out these three cash-free ways to support charitable causes.
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How To Stay Hopeful During These Difficult Times

Hope is being able to see that there is a light despite all the darkness. – Desmond Tutu Unemployment, sickness, financial struggles, loss: we all...

Amazing Benefits of Having a Good Posture

One of the most eyeball inducing demands of a parent is “Sit up straight.” As kids, we simply don’t want to sit that way....

3 Most Healthy Liquids You Should Drink

The top three beverages apart from water are discussed with their benefits. Find out what you should be having when it isn’t water that you want.

Tips To Be A Better Listener

Being a good listener is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. Here are a few tips to help you be a better listener.

5 Simple Thoughts on Personal Independence

We too can realize our freedoms. We too can pursue happiness, starting right where we are. Here are five simple thoughts on personal independence.
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