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How to Have a Good Day, Every Day: Change Your Routine

Life is short, which makes each day precious. By changing your routine you can have a good Day, every day. Here are some ways you can lead a better day.

Venture Outdoors With This Scandinavian Philosophy

For a happier and healthy life, try the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv, the art of “open air living.”

Creating a Life Worth Living

Goals make the difference between experiencing life and creating a life. Here are thoughts on living with our goals in mind to create a life worth living.

Accomplish Goals With If-Then Statements

Want to develop good habits? Make change? Try using this science-backed method called an implementation intention which uses a simple if-then statement.

Mindful Practices: Pre-Smartphone Activities to Bring Back

We used to do a few things pretty differently before technology and smart phones. Try giving these “old-fashioned” pastimes a try.

Small Ways to Deepen Your Friendships

Where would we be without our friends? Our buddies are our sounding boards, our supports, our allies through thick and thin. But like anything...

7 Habits for Living an Engaged Life

Living fully in every moment sounds like a great idea, but no one has time for that. Or do they? Here are 7 simple...

5 Ways To Show Yourself Respect

Most of us are raised with a sense of respect. We’re told to have respect for our elders, respect for authority, respect for certain...

How to Strengthen Self-Control

Previously on Mind Fuel Daily, we learned some surprising facts about self-control. While we tend to think of self-control as a personality trait, it’s...

3 Kinds of Personal Strength

Whether you hit the gym, meditate, or hold the hand of a friend, you are exercising your personal strength. Here are quotes about “strong” people!
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