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The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz offer steps toward personal freedom and a life of peace, grace, and unconditional love.

A Back-To-School Mindset in a 9-5 World

You may have graduated ages ago, but there are still ways to approach life like a kid on their first day of school.

Can This Japanese Philosophy Extend Your Life?

It turns out, the secret to a long life is a surprising yet deeply profound one. Experts believe that the key can be found in the Japanese concept: ikigai.

Why Do We Shake Hands?

By the time you’re an adult, extending a hand may practically feel second nature. Where did this simple but fundamental gesture come from?

36 Questions To Fall In Love

Can you create intimacy on the spot? Try it with these 36 scientifically backed questions designed to foster closeness through mutual vulnerability.

8 Simple Reasons To Laugh Every Day

Laughter is one of the best ways to live in the present moment. Here are eight reasons why laughter belongs in every single day.

7 Important Reasons To Help Others

Life is short – so make it count! Get inspired, go beyond your comfort zone, and give your time and energy to something larger than yourself.

How Can Traveling Inspire a Massive Life Change?

Here are some ways traveling can inspire you or even lead to a massive life change.

4 Thoughts to Make Life Adventurous

Every day doesn’t have to be a treasure hunt – but why not choose to view the world a bit more adventurously, and find out what happens?

3 Charitable Ways to Give That Don’t Involve Cash

Want to give but on a budget or unable to make monetary donations? Check out these three cash-free ways to support charitable causes.
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