The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Breathing Properly

Breathing comes naturally, however most have abandoned the most effective technique of breathing over the years which is how infants breathe. Notice how their tummies expand as they inhale and relax inward as they exhale. This is how we can catch our breath and live well.

Breathing with Purpose

Deep breathing is an exercise.

  • Our bodies are designed to release toxins through breathing. When we don’t breathe properly toxins aren’t released effectively and this causes our organs to work harder.
  • Those involved with healing the mind use deep breathing as a technique to release tension, stress, and improve mental clarity in their patients.
  • Deep breathing is good for your immune system because it helps move oxygen through your body.
  • Sleeping is improved by performing deep breathing exercises before bed.

Breathing Exercise – How it’s done

Place your hand on your tummy and take a deep breath through your nose with your mouth closed. You should feel your tummy expanding as you inhale and your hand should rise upward with your tummy. This will probably take a little practice. Hold your breath for four to eight seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this repetition eight to ten times mornings and nights.

Do this lying down because it helps to see your hands moving upward to insure your technique is correct. Also, try putting a heavy book on your stomach. This is a great way to make sure that you are breathing using your diaphragm.

Consciously breathing deeply on a daily basis promotes a healthy heart, reduces the probability of cancer, and increases stamina. Those that meditate often incorporate deep breathing to enhance their spiritual experience.