Can the Mind Heal? The Story of Adam the Dreamhealer

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By the age of 16, Canadian Adam McLeod had already written his first book called “Dreamhealer,” and the name has stuck with him ever since. To date, he has created a total of four books and two DVDs teaching people about self-healing. He also speaks at workshops and conferences that draw large crowds.

Adam’s healing gifts first manifested within his own family. His mother suffered from a number of health issues, including multiple sclerosis. One day, while she was reeling in excruciating head pain (as she had many times before), Adam “saw” what he describes as a throbbing green blob of energy in her head. He “pulled” it out at the energetic level, and her pain was immediately gone.

After this profound personal success, Adam’s gifts continued to emerge. He reported being able to see auras and energies in and around people. He began to notice differences between the auras of sick and healthy people, and found that he could interact with these energies and have a healing effect.

His gifts also did not seem to be constrained by time or space; Adam got the opportunity to meet Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth American astronaut to walk on the moon, after one of his IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) meetings in Canada. Mitchell became a mentor to Adam, and later attributed the healing of a carcinoma in one of his kidneys to Adam’s distance healing gifts.

Awakening Our Own Inner Healer

Adam’s focus from the beginning has been to empower people. He doesn’t put himself on a pedestal as someone “special”; he believes everyone has the potential to heal themselves and others at the energetic level.

Adam went on to study medicine and now holds Honors degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He knows there is a scientific basis to energy healing, even if science hasn’t fully documented it yet. He also believes that this lack of scientific study shouldn’t prevent people from using techniques that give them positive results.

Adam’s approach to energy healing is highly visual and intuitive, although some people might “feel” or “hear” energies rather than see them. He offers a number of healing visualizations on his website as well as in his books, workshops and DVDs. Adam believes that any health problem, physical or emotional, has the potential to be healed by working with the energy at the base and source of it. Some sample meditations include:

For joint pain. Visualize an oil can filled with a soothing, healing, glowing substance, and direct it into your painful joint.

Any issue. You can also visualize a syringe filled with perfect, pure, healing white light and direct it anywhere in your body that needs healing.

Emotional issues. Imagine pure, healing white light illuminating your brain from the inside out and regulating your mood and brain chemistry perfectly.

Universal energy treatment. Imagine the most healing energies of the universe streaming in from all directions toward you and healing every cell of your body at a deep level.

For more information about Adam McLeod’s work, visit

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