Blessing the Seeds

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Spring is known as a time for cleaning, for getting rid of the old to make way for the new. But what new things are you clearing space for, exactly? Paying closer attention to what you’re attracting into your life can translate to getting more of what you actually need and want—not just more stuff (literal and symbolic) you have clean out again next spring.

Participating in a personal ritual to bless the seeds you want to plant this season provides an opportunity to strengthen your spiritual connections and sharpen focus on your life’s purpose. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own “blessing of the seeds” ceremony:

Gardeners can bless their actual flower and vegetable seeds before planting by placing seeds packets in clear jar and setting it outside for a 24-hour period starting the night of spring equinox. Ask Mother Nature to bless your seeds with moonlight, sunlight, wind and rain in hopes they’ll yield an abundanct crop.

No green thumb? No problem. Bury pennies in a dish of sand to symbolize the seeds of goals you want to accomplish this year. As a reminder that achievement requires action, place the dish where you’ll see it every day.

Invite like-minded friends over for a potluck dinner and ask them to bring a small stone or crystal they’re willing to part with. After dinner, gather everyone outside and invite them to place their stone in a communal flower pot, and to focus on their hearts’ deepest desire as they do so. Then plant a potted plant on top of the stones. Allow everyone to pour a few drops of water on the plant as a symbolic gesture of mutual support for everyone’s wishes to be fulfilled. Now it’s up to you to keep that plant alive!

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