When facing new circumstances, our natural reaction may be to retreat within and shield our hearts from change and uncertainty. Especially in such unfamiliar environments, one simple smile, kind word or heartfelt gesture from another person, even a stranger, can help us realize how much good does exist in this world.

We realize how much the heart can receive, and how much our hearts are able to give back in turn. We begin to see that others experience the same uncertainty we once felt, and we see that it is in our power to ease the worries of others beyond ourselves through simple actions.

All life is a place of constant beginnings and opening doors. Even when one door closes, we know that another is opening somewhere else – and through these doors we see that life is a place where warmth and companionship can help all thrive. We discover that there is no path to fear when we move with a compassionate spirit, and that we are never, never, never traveling alone.

We are free to live and love fully when we realize this – that we are inexorably tied to each other’s hearts and minds, even when we cannot recognize it.