Be Yourself: Lessons from the Sloth

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Sloths have become one of the more popular animals as of late. Dangling from trees with long lanky arms and dark eyes, they are adorable to boot. But there is also some surprising wisdom to be found in the sloth.  We’ve listed some of the lessons they can teach us. 

Go Your Own Pace

Sloths have a low metabolic rate and are left with little energy to move around. It takes a whole day for them to travel 125 feet! But sloths can speed up when necessary, like when a predator attacks. Making his way slowly and rushing only when needed, the sloth is a wonderful reminder that it’s okay to go your pace and take your time.


Three-toed sloths have special facial markings make them appear as if they are constantly smiling. The image of a grinning sloth hanging from a tree is inspiration to smile even when life is upside down.

Get Plenty of Rest

It was originally thought that sloths slept up to 15 to 18 hours a day! However, more recent studies have found sloths in the wild get closer to 9 nine hours of rest. Do as the sloth would do and be sure to fit some solid sleep into your routine.

Enjoy the View

Sloths spend their most of their lives in the trees. They do just about everything up there, including eat, sleep, mate, and give birth.  Like the sloth, it’s okay to know where you belong. Just be sure to enjoy the view and make the most of where you are.

Move and Explore

Even sloths switch up their locale every now and then. They do this by falling from branches and letting themselves plop into a body of water. Paddling with ease, they are excellent swimmers! This natural swimming ability allows them to find new trees to live and dwell in. Don’t be afraid to use your own special strengths to explore and discover new places.

We may not think of them as the fastest, the strongest, or the noblest animals. But then again, they don’t need to be. Sloths’ unique habits show that we can flourish simply as ourselves.

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