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In this time when everything is so fast paced, sometimes we just need to be still.

This world moves so fast and often we are just running behind trying to catch up. Our society is rife with terms to indicate this busy-ness: rat race, fast food, fast track, and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that stress is such a normal part of our culture today. It shouldn’t be that way, though. Stress kills, it robs, and it deprives us of joy and life itself.

But how do we slow down in a stressed out, fast-paced world?

The first step is in realizing that sometimes we just need to be still. It is amazing what you can see when you stop rushing and start living. Maybe it is time you decluttered your life and found time to be still.

We have a tendency to cram our schedules full of things so that we are rushing from one activity to the next, eating on the run, face buried in our phone lest we miss some vital text or call. There is a whole world out there and we’re missing it.

What would happen if the phone was turned off, the computer shut down, one activity removed from that jam packed schedule? What would you do with 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a whole hour of just being still? Would you be scrambling for an activity to fill that quiet space? Or would you savor the moments of just being still?

Life moves by so fast; you don’t have to live a life with every moment occupied. Taking time to just be still draws your focus away from the frenetic bustle of a busy life and opens you to a world you may not have seen in a while. How has the world changed since the last time you stopped to take a look – a really, good, long, hard look?

When we slow down we miss less and live more. We enjoy better health, better focus, healthier relationships – the benefits are incredible. How many beautiful moment have you missed because you were too busy rushing about?

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