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Kindness is not just a nice idea – it’s a necessary part of the human experience, especially in how we treat ourselves. Here are some ways that practicing compassion, love and patience with our own beings can affect our entire existence.

Kindness towards self enables kindness towards others.

How we perceive and respond to our own needs sets the standard for how we respond to the needs of others. Approaching our physical and mental wellbeing with careful attention creates a state of wellness which allows us to care for others in turn.

Kindness towards self encourages growth and development.

When we place a genuine value on our own dreams, we create a mindset in which achieving our goals is a healthy process of personal development – and we also learn to view our missteps with the patient knowledge that we are a beautiful work in progress. 

Kindness towards self reveals our true nature.

Every time we observe our own being with a spirit of unconditional acceptance and support, we are revealing our most innate natural identity – as caring, loving, social creatures capable of great patience, understanding and wisdom.

Kindness towards self builds confidence.

Lastly, keeping a good attitude towards ourselves creates a framework of courage in the mind. Considering ourselves as worthwhile, lovable, and capable individuals is the founding point for breeding confidence in social and professional environments – knowing that with a good attitude we can accomplish whatever we set out to do. 

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