Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

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Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy of arranging work or living spaces for optimal flow of life energy, also known as “chi.” While the process can be complex and involving a birth chart and the octagonal “ba-gua” chart, you can get started with some simple feng shui principles for your home.

Your Front Entry

Feng shui is all about clear, clutter-free spaces that allow for a flow of chi that nourishes the space and its inhabitants. It starts with your front door; ideally, it should have a smooth, uninterrupted flow of energy inward. Take care to trim back trees or bushes that might be impeding its flow. Avoid placing statues, mirrors or large items in your foyer or hallway, as these can deflect or block chi from flowing in.

The Feng Shui “Trinity”

Your bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms make up a key triad in the art of feng shui. Take care to optimize energy in these rooms as follows:

Bedroom. Place the bed so that it can be accessed from both sides. Choose relaxing design elements and artwork embodies things you’d like more of, such as vacation settings or happy imagery. Promote a balanced feel with pairs, such as two matching lamps on two identical bedside tables. Light earth tones are optimal bedroom colors.

Kitchen. Your kitchen should feel nourishing. Opt for organic foods and keep a bowl of fresh fruit or garden vegetables on your kitchen counter. Use a warm paint color like gold or yellow on kitchen walls.

Bathrooms. “Ground” bathroom energy by incorporating natural items into the decor; a bowl of shells or a few crystals can do the trick.

Health and Wealth

The east is associated with good health, so try and have some natural items in this area; bamboo, ferns and peace lilies are all excellent feng shui plants. The southeast part of the home is your “wealth corner,” and placing a red or purple item here can be auspicious.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home feng shui; however, using them can help get you started on the road to better energy around your home.

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