Boredom: the desire for desires. – Leo Tolstoy

Our Western world is heavily dependent on routine and becoming indifferent to it. The daily grind of waking up early, getting ready, going to work, and then ending it all by crashing in front of the T.V. creates a cycle where people run on continuous auto-pilot. This process is such an engrained habit each step is completed with little thought.

A troubling transformation kicks in at this point. Desires, dreams, and wishes are replaced by the routine. It becomes the reason for living. It is the primary focus of all daily agendas. The wish to learn a language, travel to a new country, or even go downtown to take swing dance lessons become seemingly impossible as they do not fit the routine.

But the human mind does not remain content with stagnation. Sometimes else occurs at the same time.

Hyper-focus on routine comes with unfilled desires and with that there is dissatisfaction and boredom. Tolstoy makes a great point because when routine overtakes desires, people feel frustrated by a lack of passion for life. There is no inspiration in a rut; only the nagging thought that something is missing.

Never be content with routine. Find a way to break it with even a small plan. Walk that new hiking trail, take that swing dance lesson, or use that vacation time that is banking up because routine prevents taking time off.

Taking chances on something new does not just prevent boredom. It also encourages growth and with it, a better sense of satisfaction in all areas of life.