Assessing Where You Are

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Each of us is on a journey, the exact shape of which we can never really know. But we’re all traveling, and it never hurts to stop and see where we are on our paths. By assessing where we are, and where we want to be, we can make more deliberate choices going forward in order to live an intentional life. 

Try setting a chunk of time aside to sit down and ask yourself the following:

Where Have You Been? 

Where has life brought you up to now? For this, you may want to draw a timeline. Include major life changes or any event that feels important to you. Sit back and take in what you see. Notice patterns, habits, or major themes. 

And then? Write down, “You did it!” Or say it out loud. Yes, literally. Because no matter where we are in life, we’ve all had to work and grow in order to get where we are. No stride we’ve made is too small or insignificant. 

Where Are You Now? 

Now we come to the present. Think about relationships, jobs, habits, hobbies, and finances. We suggest listing each as a category. What are the parts you feel positive about? And the negative? Where are your strengths? Your weaknesses?  

There are likely areas of your life you feel good about. And that’s great. Give yourself a pat on the back (again, literally). You may also notice some parts of your life that feel lacking somehow. That’s okay. These might feel like obstacles, but they’re actually opportunities. 

Where Would You Like to Go? 

So you’ve sat down and noticed some areas for growth. Maybe you need a regular exercise routine or be better about spending. Perhaps you’re wanting more quality time with family or feeling like you need to change jobs. For these areas, set goals for yourself. 

Goal-Setting Tips

  • Think in terms of small steps 
  • Schedule deadlines for each step
  • Share your goals with others 
  • Read and research as much as you can
  • Be honest about any fears or hesitations 

Write your goals down and post them somewhere visible. Look at them every day. Go little by little, and congratulate yourself when you’ve crossed off a step. Always keep traveling, and remember, the work is the ultimate reward. 

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