What would our world look like if humility was a revered as pride or arrogance? What would it look like if instead of egos clashing people stopped, listened, and worked together without feeling as if they were being ignored or not being given their due credit?

Humility is an interesting concept. People claim to have it – or want it – but very few actually attempt to put it into practice. It seems the underlying resistance comes from fear. If I don’t think of myself, who will? If I don’t show others how great I am no one will ever see me, I will blend into the crowd and never be recognized. I’ll be forgotten.

So many view humility as a form of powerlessness or weakness. They fear that if they let their guard down and lose their arrogant veneer then the world will run right over them. They fear people will take advantage of them. They fear that they will lose their importance in the world. The opposite is true, though. There is great power in humility.

Rick Warren said, Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. When we turn our focus outward instead of inward, we open ourselves up to a world where peace is actually possible. We make possible a world where people help each other instead of crawling over each other to get ahead.

A humble world is possible, but is it likely?

Humility is always something that the other guy is supposed to have; rarely do we look inward and see that we must first change if we want others to change. If we want this world to change, we must be willing to make changes within ourselves. If we want a humble world we must first bring humility to our own front door.