Every fall there’s a subtle feeling of excitement in the air. And is there any wonder why? It’s not just the change in seasons: fall means back-to-school time in the US. Even as adults, it’s hard not to pick up on that sense of possibility and newness.

There’s no reason you can’t glom onto that excitement. While you may have graduated ages ago, you can see the change in seasons as an opportunity to approach life like a new student. Here are five ways to incorporate a back-to-school mindset into your working adult life.

Revamp Your Routine

Going back to school meant adjusting to a whole new schedule: new classes, a new route to your locker, and new time slots for activities. And all that change meant you were alert and on your feet. While you may not be starting up a new semester, consider revamping your routine. Change your commute, venture outside for lunch, and try totally new hangout spots: there’s nothing like change to engage your brain.

Assess Your Goals

Many of us approached the new school year with a few milestones in mind. Maybe we wanted to make a sports team or run for school president. No matter what your goals were, the sense of newness propelled you into working towards something. Take the fall as a chance to reassess your goals and think about what you can accomplish in the near future.

Make Friends

The beginning of the school year was always a chance to meet people: new classes and a new routine meant you inevitably ran into some new faces. As adults, we don’t always have those same built-in social structures. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop building new connections. Challenge yourself to find ways to meet new people. Head to a Meet Up session, take a class, or volunteer.

Learn Something New

Learning is the foundation of education. And it doesn’t have to stop with graduation. Embark on a new hobby or take any kind of class. You’ll be doing yourself some good too: continuing to learn new things as an adult has shown to be beneficial to our health mentally and emotionally.

Get Your Supplies In Order

New pencils, new backpack, new first-day-of-school clothes? Yes, please! Whether it’s a slick pair of shoes or work bag, don’t underestimate the power of new tools. Feeling like you’re geared up externally can put you in a mindset of confidence and readiness.

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