8 Ways to Show Compassion in Everyday Life

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 Compassionis a non-judgmental emotion that we practiceto ease pain and showgenuine love to one another. Hereare 8 ways you can positivelyimpact someone’s day using skills like empathy, patience and understanding.

  1. Beconsiderate
    Beequally considerate to friends, family and strangers.Listen fully without judgment,and give eachperson your full attention (no texting, no phone calls, no seeming to be bored!)– use direct eye contact and keepyour ears open to their needs.

  2. Beaffectionate
    Sometimesall people really need is a loving touch,a sincere hug, or a warm smile. Simplegestures of affection, even a pat on the hand, help ease strainand show your genuine compassion.

  3. Communicatein a warm way
    Letyour genuine interest in helping the other person show through heartfeltcommunication. You can makea world of difference by simply listening and talking in a warm, patientmanner. Use encouraging vocabulary, be optimistic and concentrateon showing complete understanding.

  4. Showempathy
    Empathyis showing that you understand another’s feelings or emotions;you identify with the situation and careenough to place yourself in another’sshoes. “I understand” is agreat way to communicate this.

  5. Beselfless
    Tohelp someone else you have to take your own needs out of the equation. Put yourfocus and energy on the other person, be selfless,and limit any distractions or personal goals as long as you are committed to theneeds of another. 

  6. Practiceacts of kindness
    Goout of your way to be kind. You can treat someone to small things likea new book, frozen yogurt, or just a laugh to brighten eventhe toughest of days.  You can alsovolunteer your time, offering to babysit, run errands,etc. for anyone with a lot of weight on their shoulders.

  7. Senda meaningful message
    Sendcompassionate feelings via a simple text message to someone you careabout.  Just tell them you were thinkingof them and you love them.  A simpleway to show they matter to you.

  8. Showunconditional love
    Thisis a total approach towards showing compassion inevery area of life.  Don’tjust hear, but listen without judgment, be extremely present in theconversation, give sound advice, offer your hugs and love freely.Be understanding and above all, love unconditionally. 

Whilecompassionate action is second natureto some, anyone can learn to usethese skills to make any family, friendsand strangers feel a little happier and feel alittle more loved each day.

About the author: Kara B. – Aneasy going, NYC woman with a passion for love, health & happiness. Making others feel good is a part of life forher.

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