8 Benefits Of Eating More Plants

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“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Whether you’re an herbivore already, simply looking to enhance your nutritional intake, or even if you’ve always shied away from eating plants – here are eight simple reasons to consider the benefits of a “green” foods lifestyle.

1. Compassion – Along with numerous nutritional factors, the principle of compassion plays a central role in many people’s decisions to go “green,” and become vegan or vegetarian.

2. Consciousness – Adopting a plant-based nutritional plan means thinking about life and the environment in a positive, proactive light. Small changes add up over time!

3. Empowerment – Making informed decisions about one’s diet and lifestyle can be an empowering decision for personal wellness and health of mind. Choosing and sticking to a tailored diet is a way to take charge when it comes to personal health.

4. Energy – Naturally complex carbohydrates are abundant in all kinds of vegetarian-friendly foods, meaning plenty of natural fuel for fun activities and games.

5. Fitness –  Vegetarians are generally more likely to live lighter – a low-calorie, plant-based diet is a great way to keep weight down throughout life.

6. Longevity – “Leaf-eaters” are thought to have longer life expectancy, thanks to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

7. Nutrition – Vegetables contain more fiber and antioxidants than non-vegetarian foods, meaning that eating your greens is great for your health.

8. Variety – A vegetable diet means colorful sights and tastes on your dinner plate. Now more than ever, there are many local, organic, and fun-to-prepare vegetarian options to choose from at mealtime.

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