7 Words to Inspire Purpose

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Mind Fuel Daily was founded to help readers find inspiration and purpose in every day. We believe that each person is capable of finding his or her best life here, in the present moment, and our mission is to provide the spark that moves you to positive action and thought.

The purpose of life…is a life of purpose. – Robert Byrne

Life should be more than just running in place. Here areseven simple words to remind you every day of exactly what it is you’re chasingafter.

P – Passion: pursue whatsparks you with all your heart and mind

U – Urgency: livefully here and now, tomorrow is never promised

R – Reward: no risk,no reward, so embrace challenges without fear

P – Patience: rememberthat your purpose may be slowlyunfolding over time

O – Openness: transformyourself, become open to unexpected possibilities

S – Sunrise: everymorning you can begin a new life direction

E – Energy: yourmission in life is to find your purpose, and run with it!

In our hyper-stressed, overly-demanding world, we often feelbusy and even vigorous at times, rushing from one obligation to the next. Butif we can stop and breathe for one second, we might realize that while wethought we were running towards what we wanted, we were actually jogging incircles.

Simple reminders, like the words above, can change thecourse of our day – you can use this list as a personal mantra, or focus on oneword for each day of the week. The goal is to remember that motion without intentionis counterproductive, so give yourself a few moments each day to set your truedirection before you start running like crazy.


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