7 Larger-Than-Life Lessons From A Tiger

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Few creatures elicit such excitement as the tiger. Flashing stripes, killer speed, and stunning intelligence make this remarkable beast one of the gems of the animal kingdom.

For ages, numerous cultures have used art and literature to illustrate just how the tiger inspires both ferociousness and fearlessness in our lives. And we think the tiger inspires us still – here are seven ways how.

Be bold. Never hesitate to let your true brilliance shine. Wear your stripes with pride and be the wholly unique person that only you know how to be.

Be patient. Always remember that good things come to those who wait. Give everything enough time… and eventually what you’re hunting for will circle around and find you.

Be dangerous. Attack new challenges with everything you’ve got. Sink your teeth into every adventure and leap fully in the direction of your dreams.

Be original. No two tigers are alike. Be unique and unpredictable. Never let old habits distract you from being spontaneous and energetic.

Be unstoppable. Have confidence in your many abilities and know that you are a force of nature to be reckoned with. If one way doesn’t work, approach from another.

Be intelligent. Keep your mind sharper than your teeth. Watch, reflect, and study your natural surroundings for signs of change and opportunity.

Be aggressive. Race after every possibility and don’t stop until you’ve expended your very best effort.

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