7 Healthy Reasons to Have a Cup of Green Tea

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Josh is a writer who loves to write articles on health & fitness. He is always involved in fitness. He believes health is wealth and to stay healthy, and for that, we need to have green superfoods along with detox drinks!

For as long as you may remember, green tea has been a staple when it comes to healthy diet and detoxifying. Green tea has long been hailed as a healthy beverage option from both medical and alternative practitioners because of its proven benefits to the human body.

Tea originated in China from thousands of years ago. It was then popularized in the Asian continent and then introduced to the world. Since then, green tea has been used many times in many ways, and repacked in different brands and names. The fact remains that this beverage contains high nutrients and antioxidants that can prevent several kinds of diseases, including cancer, and control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Here are 7 healthy reasons why you should add green tea to your daily meal plans.

1. Green tea is good for your bones

It may not be exactly what green tea is most known for, but strengthening your bones is actually one of the minority benefits of drinking this healthy beverage. Studies show that the antioxidant compounds found in green tea can stimulate the mineralization to form bones and cell formation of the bones. Studies also show that people who drink green tea have lesser cases of bone disease than those who do not drink it. Adding milk to green tea, which is the case in some tea drinkers, can even boost the bone benefits of this beverage.

2. Green tea may help prevent cancer.

Green tea is well known for its antioxidant properties which is an effective way to cleanse the body of bacteria and some types of viruses. Because of this, it keeps the body clean and healthy. In addition, green tea also reduces the risks of developing cancer because it is known to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading. It helps destroy cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells around it.

3. Green tea could help you maintain a healthy weight.

Green tea is widely used on many diet meal plans and is made as a substitute for coffee and other beverages. It does not directly make you lose weight, but it helps cleanse the body and stimulate rate of fat oxidation or the rate of processing fat into calories. In addition to this, green tea is known to boost your metabolism which is an effective way to balance and distribute the nutrients from the food you eat.

4. Green tea could lower your cholesterol. 

There’s bad cholesterol and then there’s good cholesterol. Truth be told, bad cholesterol food can be more mouth-watering and tempting can good cholesterol food. This is where green tea comes into play. Eating bad cholesterol may be your cheat meal from time to time. Green tea can help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and increase the level of good cholesterol. This can help prevent cardiovascular and many other types of diseases that is affected by the blood.

5. Green tea may promote healthy gums.

Green tea has antibacterial and antiviral properties that work for all parts of your body, including your gums and mouth. Drinking green tea regularly can help cleanse the teeth, gums and the whole mouth to promote a healthier and stronger set of teeth. Aside from this, it also prevents throat infections and other types of dental infections. A healthy mouth is one less thing to worry about.

6. Green tea is good for your heart.

The heart is an ultimately delicate organ of the human body that needs to be clean and healthy to ensure that it works properly. Green tea helps in cleansing the linings and blood vessels for the blood to flow through smoothly. It works to prevent blood clots in the arteries which can be a trigger for heart attacks. In addition, green tea helps make the blood vessels relaxed and able to act on different blood pressures.

7. Green tea may help for Blood Pressure.

Because of its antioxidants properties that keeps the blood clean and healthy, and how it keeps the lining of the blood vessels strong and relaxed, green tea is an effective way to maintain and regulate blood pressure. Drinking green tea regularly can reduce risks of developing high blood pressure.

Green tea is such a versatile type of beverage that you can easily weave it in your diet. It contains caffeine, which can substitute or lower your daily intake. It can also be mixed with different flavors that would suit your taste. Drinking green tea everyday can keep your body well-cleansed and healthy.

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