7 Habits for Living an Engaged Life

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Living fully in every moment sounds like a great idea, but no one has time for that. Or do they? Here are 7 simple mindset changes to help you engage deeper each day and truly enjoy the life you lead.

1. Be Spontaneous

Even if you are a habitual person, be open to new challenges and embrace change in the little moments of your day. Try to find fun new ways to tackle ordinary tasks. Vary your routines, and you may find new people to talk to along the way.

2. Have Passionate Interests

If something sparks you, even a little bit, you should direct energy into it. Explore the things you care about, and you’ll learn more about yourself in the process – it’s never too late to pick up a new activity!

3. Embrace Who You Are

Move away from things and places that sap your unique energy. Realize that not everyone can be amazing at everything, and sometimes it’s okay to outsource your weaknesses to others and focus on your own strengths. Recognizing your limitations will boost your confidence and happiness in the long run.

4. Open Your Mind to the World

Expand your horizons to include world events and happenings outside of your hometown. Taking a broader view of things will add substance to your own experiences, and it will make you a more interesting person to talk to!

5. Listen More, Talk Less

Everybody is brilliant in his or her own way, and in order to get the full benefit of a person’s unique story, you should give him or her the full attention they deserve. Happy people generally recognize that life is more interesting when you pay attention to the people around you.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Take some time out each week to exercise. Eat right during your meals and make sure you are taking the time to make yourself happy. If you need some time alone, take it. Small steps can lead to big changes in your health and your mood each day.

7. Focus on Opportunities

In order to live a life of interest, you should take every opportunity you’re presented with. Little things add up to big things, and it’s important that you try something new every day. Have confidence in yourself and in your abilities, and go ahead and ask for help if you need it. 

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