Wellness isn’t just one exercise, nutrition plan or goodnight’s sleep. Wellness is a philosophy brought to life every time you dosomething good for yourself or others. Read below to discover a week’s worth ofwellness approaches to build your mind, body and spirit in health. Try one eachday!

1. Make Time to Meditate
Meditation is a great for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing– 15 minutes a day can lower blood pressure and elevate mood.

2. Move Your Muscles
Yoga, tai chi, and swimming and other physical outlets helpthe body as well as the spirit in reconnecting with your surroundings.

3. Rejuvenate the Self
Sleep and relaxation are essential for physical health andfighting off infections, and bodily rest helps calm and strengthen cognitivepowers.

4. Engage with Others
Surround yourself with supportive people who will help yousee the good in the world. Meditation groups might be a good start.

5. Nourish the Body
Build consciousness of all that you eat and drink, keepingan emphasis on natural foods that boost energy and support your immune system.

6. Practice Love
Live in every moment with a spirit of compassion andservice. Place your focus away from the self and onto others to discover spiritualpeace in every day.

7. Return to Nature
Get outside as often as you can, taking in as much sunlightand fresh air as possible.

If you can do one of these activities every day, you may besurprised at how good you feel at the end of one week!