6 Ways to Be Healthy Like a Tree

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 Trees remind us of our roots in more ways than one. Not only are they some of the longest-living things on the planet, but they are also towering symbols of outer health and inner wellbeing.

Here are 6 ways in which trees inspire thoughtfulness, patience and flexibility in the ways we take care of our own bodies and minds:

Get Plenty of Sunshine

Play, run or walk outside every day. Fresh air and sunlight will positively affect your physical health (think vitamin C!) as well as boost your mood.

Water Your Roots

Pay attention to nutrition, hydration and digestion – because your outer health is reflective of what’s going on beneath your surface.

Breathe Deeply

Slow down, stand tall, and breathe. Deep breathing lowers your blood pressure as well as anchoring your mind in the present moment.

Bend with the Wind

Be flexible in dealing with occasional setbacks, illnesses and challenges, knowing that you can bounce upright again once the weather improves.

Keep a Strong Core

There’s a reason why yoga practice includes the Tree Position. Take care of your physical body and build a strong trunk to support your many branches and leaves.

Go With the Seasons

Above all else, move with confidence and strength through each season of life. Adjust your nutrition and physical activity levels accordingly with passing time.

Our outer health reflects inner calm and peace. Take care of all aspects of your being, inside and out – because total wellbeing results only from balance, nurturing and patience with ourselves.

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