No one is exempt from having a stressful day. But no matter the source or shape of your woes, there are small effective actions you can take to give bolster your mood and brighten your perspective.

Enjoy The Little Things

Life is made up of the small stuff. When something looms on your mind or when you’re stuck in the doldrums, take time to notice little pleasures that come your way. The smell of the grass, your favorite sweater, a smile from a stranger. In the race to just get through a rough patch, don’t let these tiny blessings pass you by. Gratitude makes a difference.

Time for a Break

Have you taken time to zone-out today? To look out the window or walk down the block? Step back, take your eyes off the screen, and give yourself a minute, a half-hour, an hour. We bet that no how busy you are, you can always afford a break (even if it’s only a small one!). Your brain and your body will thank you for it. 

Relax and Listen To Good Music

There’s a time to talk and there’s a time to tune in. Pick a melody and play it loud. Dance, tap your feet, snap your fingers, nod your head, hum. Or just lay still. You don’t have to move, the music will move you. 

Chocolate Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions, Chocolate Understands

Love is patient, love is kind…no wait, that’s chocolate. Chocolate is patient, chocolate is kind. Chocolate gets you! When all else fails, nibble on a nub of dark chocolate. This food has been shown to raise endorphins, so go ahead and indulge for a moment.  

Remember that Everyday is a Fresh Start

Times moves on. This means that there is always a fresh start headed your way. If today was no good, remember that the morning brings one more day and one more chance to do right. This thought in itself can bring immense relief and help you buck up. 

Be Ready before a Bad Day Strikes

This one requires a little preparation but it’s worth it. You’ve heard of kits for natural disasters and medical emergencies. Why not make one for gloomy days? Devise a plan and write out a list. Gather your supplies and keep them all in one place. You can customize your kit however you’d like. Whether it’s doodling for 15 minutes or looking at cherished photos, it’s all up to you!

From simple gesture of self-care to slight changes in attitude, coping takes on many (totally doable) forms!