6 Mindful Experiments to Rediscover Your Values

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Making mistakes is the perfect way to evolve. Self-esteem and confidence can sometimes only be achieved by failing first. Fail, learn from your mistakes, get up, smile, and keep going! Try any of these experiments intentionally for a day.

1. Don’t accept help – Act Stubborn

As Mollie King once said, “’Sexy’ is being independent, being confident, and having fun.” But when you’re trying too much, you stop being sexy. We are all interrelated and connected. Being unable to receive help when you need it the most may not be the right decision, but make this mistake.

Don’t accept help and you’ll realize how much love and kindness other people possess, and how their willingness to help might actually put you on the right track. Make this mistake to understand that receiving help is another form of personal growth.

2. Lose a friend (temporarily)

We don’t know what we have until it’s gone; but when it’s gone, it usually doesn’t return. Losing a dear friend is another step towards understanding life. The moment you’ve lost a beloved one is the moment you realize how much they meant to you. That’s when you start asking yourself questions – did I do something wrong? Should I proceed differently next time? Losing something valuable makes us open our eyes, genuinely pay attention to and respect the people around us.

3. Saying Yes when You Should Say No

If you’re always playing by the rules, how will know how not playing by the rules feels like? Say “yes” when you should say “no” to see where it takes you. Moments like this will help you respect your personal values more, appreciate your self-made commitments, and understand boundaries. Next time, you’ll kindly decline the offer, knowing what to expect out of it.

4. Living without a Purpose

Yes, live without a freaking purpose for some days! Follow your daily routine without asking why. Do what “you must” without asking questions. Obey your boss’s requests without understanding the reasons behind them. Do things just to get the job done. That’s when you’ll realize that you are the only person who can decide your destiny.

You’ll soon start mapping out plans and designing goals, knowing exactly where you’re heading. When we live purposelessly, we don’t accept that things are not set in stone. Everything is possible if you truly want it. “There’s always a way if you’re committed,” agrees Tony Robbins.

5. Thinking You Can’t Learn Anything New

Assume you have nothing new to learn. You know it all. You’re no longer interested in chatting with new people or opening up random conversations with strangers. You barely talk to your colleagues. There’s nothing left to impress you. You’re the master Guru of your own life, and there’s no new information to acquire.

Live like that for a week, and you’ll go insane! Learning from others is what keeps us alive. Human communication is vital to our well-being. When we gain new knowledge, we grow inevitably. We start asking different questions and expand our horizons. Sharing perspectives, comments, ideas with the people around us is what makes us human.

6. Surround Yourself with Complainers

Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, surround yourself with complainers and see where that takes you. I’m pretty sure that you’ll soon realize that pessimism and unkind attitudes are not exactly what you’re looking for. These people are infectious, and you know it.

To develop rightfully, you need loving people by your side – people who’ll support you through both Heaven and Hell. Make this mistake to understand what you actually need, but don’t ever go back! Do a general cleaning of your list of friends, will you?

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