Since the earliest times of man, birds have inspired our deepest imaginations. Fearless and free in the sky, birds make us wonder, what would it be like to fly?

While none of us can sprout wings, we can all simply observe and learn from these beautiful creatures on how to create a beautiful life. Here are six life lessons, inspired by our winged friends.

1. Be confident.

Birds learn to trust themselves before they take off in the sky. So have faith in your abilities and know that you will find a warm current to soar in.

2. Let your colors shine.

Different birds have hundreds of different hues. Be bright and make sure you aren’t hiding what makes you one-of-a-kind.  

3. Show up early and often.

The legendary early bird gets the worm for a reason. So find something worth showing up for, and then show up every day.

4. Go with the seasons.

Birds thrive despite changes in their environment. Be fluid and go with the flow, trusting your ability to always find a branch to land on.

5. Flock together.

Birds seek strength and sustenance from one another. Keep friends and family close by as you navigate the days.

6. Spread your wings.

Eventually, all birds must leave the safety of the nest and become what they are meant to be. Have no fear of falling, and start flapping.