Expand your explorer IQ with some rarely known facts about theman who “discovered” America!

  1. It took Queen Isabella six years to agree to fundChristopher Columbus’s journey, and by then Columbus had given up hope and wasleaving town. A courier had to catch up with him to share the news.
  2. Leif Eriksson, a viking from Iceland, discovered NorthAmerica (namely Greenland) nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus wasborn. He even sailed along the coast of much of North America.
  3. Land was spotted on October 12, 1492; Columbus and hismen had been sailing for just over two months.
  4. Christopher Columbus never actually set foot on themainland of North America.
  5. In return for reaching the Indies, Christopher Columbuswanted a title, a coat of arms and one tenth of all of Spain’s profits; heirsof Columbus and the Spanish monarchy were in litigation over this until 1790.
  6. All portraits of Christopher Columbus were done after hehad died; there are no authentic ones.

And a final, mysterious bonus fact…

Both Seville in Spain and Santo Domingo in the DominicanRepublic claim to have Christopher Columbus’s remains, but nobody knows forsure who has the real ones.

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!