We can climb mountains. We can swim oceans. Or… we can start with simple self-acceptance and optimism in our daily mindset.

1. Being Ourselves
“Be yourself!” This early advice from our parents and teachers is great even as we grow, because it reminds us to honor personal values, and to resist pressure to become people who we simply are not. Confidence grows when we place value on our ideals.

2. Being Positive
Negative self-dialogue can deflate even the most humble dreams. So instead of “I can’t do this,” we can move towards self-compassion with more helpful phrases like “I can’t do everything, but I can do this one thing!” or “I am more capable than I think.”

3. Being Proactive
We can’t choose all that happens each day, but we can choose our viewpoint – whether to see the universe as hostile, or to view the universe as a benevolent place in which we can accomplish good things. Setting and working towards specific goals places destiny in our own hands, building self-belief with each step forward.

4. Being Courageous
There is an old legend that goes – “the cave you fear holds the treasure you seek.” With great risk comes great reward, and great belief in our individual importance. So when the world seems dark and the voice inside gives us doubt, that’s when it is more important than ever that we keep pushing forward.

5. Being Graceful
Beating ourselves up over mistakes is damaging to our intrinsic self-value and worth. Don’t let past errors disrupt today’s potential – let’s use the present moment to move onward and call attention to positive accomplishments, even something as small as a well-prepared meal or a clean room.