5 Ways To Show Yourself Respect

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Most of us are raised with a sense of respect. We’re told to have respect for our elders, respect for authority, respect for certain institutions. But what about ourselves?

Having respect for ourselves doesn’t mean we are narcissistic or arrogant. It simply means we value and cherish our inherent worth. How we treat ourselves determines how we carry ourselves through life. On a very fundamental level, you deserve to have self-respect.

Here are five fundamental ways to show yourself respect.

Take Care of Yourself

Do whatever it takes to nurture your mind, body, and soul. This includes the essentials (eating right, exercising, etc.) as well as activities that sustain you on a personal level, like winding down with a nice bath or spending time with friends. No matter what wellness looks like to you, taking care of yourself is how you become invested in your own health and wellbeing.

Be True to Who You Are  

When we respect ourselves, we honor our authentic wishes and desires. We make decisions that align with our personal values. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. Rather, being true to ourselves means we don’t spend time on things that we aren’t invested in or passionate about. It means we don’t exert energy trying to be someone else. You are enough just as you are. Be authentic, be you.

Establish Boundaries (And Enforce Them)

Showing ourselves respect means knowing what behaviors we are and aren’t okay with. We value ourselves enough to know that we don’t deserve to be treated poorly. Establish boundaries and firmly assert them. Stick up for yourself when someone crosses a line or just say “no” if someone tries to belittle or demean you.

Build Up Confidence

No one is better off for not believing in themselves. Embrace your unique talents, your rare gifts, and your quirky tendencies. When you respect yourself, you take pride in your individuality and strengths.

Change How You Talk to Yourself

Do you insult or berate yourself? If so, no more! If you wouldn’t say it someone you admire or deeply respect, then don’t say it to yourself. We tend to think of self-criticism as motivational. But in fact, it’s just the opposite: it brings us down and keeps us there. Be kind and compassionate. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself for errors.

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