5 Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors At Night

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Shorter days means longer nights, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy less of the outdoors. Nights can be a prime time to acquaint yourself with the beauty of the nature. Not sure where to start? Give these easy activities a try.     

Go For A Night Walk

Nighttime walks offer a peace and solitude that just don’t compare to daytime strolls. The world looks and feels different at night, and walking is one of the best way to enjoy the stillness. Make sure to bring a buddy and a flash light and to plan your route beforehand. Take a walk around the block, or, if you’re venturing into the local wild, stick to open areas (like meadows or dunes) and keep away from dense forests.

Try A Guided Night Hike

Feel like an explorer! Local parks, nature centers, and hiking groups sometimes lead special hikes or activities at night. These are usually led by trained guides or naturalists who know the area and can help point out all the cool stuff you might miss otherwise.

Star Gaze

There’s nothing like star-gazing to offer some perspective. Looking at the stars is humbling and reflective, and it’s something you can only do at night. Search for constellations and keep an eye out for shooting stars. All that gazing will give your mind a break and will give you a chance to simply marvel at the universe. 

Listen for Animals  

Think that nature goes to bed at night? Think again! All sorts of creatures come out under the guise of dark, and you don’t have to get up close and personal to feel their presence. Instead, listen for calls of owls, the flapping of bats, the rustle of unseen critters in the bushes. Sitting still and simply keeping an ear out helps you practice mindfulness in nature.  

Camp Out

Pitching a tent in your own backyard isn’t just for kids. Reinvigorate your youthful spirit with a night out on the lawn in a sleeping bag. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of nature and awakening to fresh morning air. No extreme hiking or survival guide needed. Be sure to bring a book, hot chocolate, and lots of cozy blankets.

Watch the Sunset

Okay, we might be cheating on this one since it’s not quite a nighttime activity. But who can deny the magnificence of a sunset? Watching the sun go down is like watching a painting unfold before your eyes. All you have to do is step outside!

Other folks might be sleeping, but that doesn’t mean you have to call it a night. Mother Earth is always wide awake! 

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