Embracing wellness doesn’t mean overhauling your entire lifestyle. For a boost in mind, body, and soul, here are five small but super easy gestures you can do for yourself today.   

Go For A 10 Minute Walk

Walking is a simple way to get your muscles moving and your blood flowing. Don’t hesitate to take your walk outside: the sun exposure means extra vitamin D and an uptick in serotonin levels.

Meditate for Five Minutes

Even five minutes of deep breathing will help center and balance you. Science is slowly learning how deep breathing can actually work with the nervous system to inspire peace and calm.

Write Down Your Blessings

Make a list of at least three things in your life you are grateful for. Higher levels of gratitude have been shown to ease depression, heighten self-esteem, and even improve sleep quality.

Make Your Bed

You may not have realized it, but this quick little routine does wonders! Making the bed is correlated with higher productivity and happiness, among other things.

Do Something Nice For Someone

When you do good for others, you do good for yourself. Practicing random acts of kindness has been shown to actually enhance mood (even more so than “treating yourself”). 

Ready to feel good? Start now!