5 Notable Breast Cancer Foundations

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Though the gravityof this disease is immeasurable, the compassionate action and generosity ofcountless men and women inspire optimism for future generations.

Here are some of the organizations whose year-round work hashelped all of us move closer to eliminating this challenge faced by so many.

1. National Breast Cancer Foundation
Founded in 1991 by Janelle Hail, a breast cancer survivor, theNBCF’s impact has grown every year since. Their worldwide mission is informingwomen about breast cancer and providing free mammograms to women who can’tafford them.

2. Avon Foundation: Breast Cancer Crusade
Since 1992, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has raised anddonated more than $780 million to breast cancer programs throughout the worldincluding cancer research centers, non profit breast health programs, andinstitutions that provide medical and social services to people touched bybreast cancer.

3. Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Created in 1993, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation hasmade it their mission to find a way to prevent and cure breast cancer. Themoney from this foundation is spent on innovative clinical and translationalresearch at medical centers worldwide and increasing public awareness aboutgood breast health.

4. Susan G. Komen
Founded by Nancy G. Brinker in memory of her sister, SusanG. Komen. Since 1982 the Susan G. Komen foundation has invested almost $2billion in ground-breaking research, community health outreach, advocacy andprograms in over 50 countries.

5. Pretty in Pink Foundation
The Pretty in Pink Foundation was started in 2004 by Dr.Lisa Tolnitch in order to help support people who have been diagnosed withbreast cancer but do not have the funds to pay for their treatment. The missionof this organization is to provide monetary assistance to people who areuninsured or underinsured so everybody gets an equal amount of high quality,life saving medical treatment even if they cannot afford to pay for it.

Please click any of the links above to learn more about eachfoundation, their missions, and how you can be involved.

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