5 Natural Wonders To Inspire Your Everyday Life

 Natural wonders remind us of the deep nature of our own existence. While it’s great if we can experience these wonders personally, they can also inspire us from afar – affecting our perceptions of daily life and the search for wholeness in our surroundings.


1. Marble Caves (General Carrera, Chile)
Saltwater waves continually crash against these marble walls, leaving beautiful patterns thousands of years in the making. Their deep beauty reflects our own evolution through personal journeys – life experiences change us in different ways, creating wholly unique patterns that shape the way others perceive us.


2. Salar de Uyuni (Potosi, Bolivia)
These salt flats and their shallow lakes create powerful reflections that beautifully mirror natural surroundings. These reflections signify how our actions ripple through the people and places that surround us everyday. All we do and say is echoed in our relationships with one another: love reflects love; and peace reflects peace.


3. Svartifoss Waterfall (Skaftafell National Park, Iceland)
The striking beauty of this volcanic waterfall resonates with many because it represents the powers of change and impermanence in our lives. We only get so many days, and we are meant to fill these days with energy and life, not in hesitation. We are meant to flow through the present moment, rushing towards challenge with confidence and determination.


4. Puerto Princesa Underground River (Palawan, Philippines)
This ancient river runs beneath a series of caves leading to the ocean. The caves are many millions of years old, showing how beautiful things can always be happening deep beneath the surface of our own existence, even if we are unaware of them at the time. One moment at a time, moving with steady determination, we may build up wells of great potential within ourselves.


5. Pamukkale Thermal Pools (Turkey)
Volcanic energy has kept these pools warm for centuries, inspiring awe and wonder in the world’s natural beauty and power. Water also reminds us of the elemental force residing within all of us. Water fascinates and gives life regardless of culture, returning us to a form of existence that unites us at the most basic human level.

Perhaps most of all, we find wonder in the natural world because we all want to be wondrous ourselves. And this desire creates pressure in our lives – the kind of pressure that carves canyons and breaks mountains. However we can learn to exist as natural beings without a need to impress and overshadow anyone else, simply by living happily in the present moment and finding joy in the simple things that surround us here and now.